Saturday, 14 May 2016

Novice Ordination (April 16, 2016) at Karuna Vihara

Anagarika Cittananda was given novice ordination on April 16, 2016. Ayya Sudinna was the preceptor. Ayya Santussika was her teacher. Many bhikkhunis and lay-people participated in the ceremony.

Anagarika Cittananda asking for pabbajja.
Taking the precepts.

Getting a blessing. 

 A happy novice.

The bhikkhunis who participated.

Saturday, 31 May 2014

Burmese Temple Pictures

These pictures were taken on a visit to a Burmese temple where Venerable UJothika is the abbot. Three bhikkhunis visited the temple.

Vesak Bhakti gee at Carolina Buddhist Vihara

A video of the Vesak Bhakti gee at the vihāra. This was the last event of the day. Some observed the 8 monastic precepts, meditated and listened to a Dhamma talk. We ended by sharing merit.

Pictures from the event can be viewed here.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

New Pictures

New pictures can also be viewed under the "Pictures" tab.

Higher Ordination (Upasampada) at Tapodanaramaya, Sri Lanka (2002)

Mahapajapati Monastery, California (2013)

Pine Mountain Zen Buddhist Center, California (2013)

 Pine Mountain Zen Buddhist Center, California (2013)

 Mahapajapati Monastery, California (2013)

Vassa with Ven. Maha Thera Dhammaloka, Thailand (2003)

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Death and Stream Entry

Dhamma Talk by Ayya Sudinna.

My Books

Ayya Sudinna is the author of three children's story books titled Delightful Tales, Precious Tales I, and Precious Tales II.

Delightful Tales

From ancient times, people who lived in both the East and the West shared a great interest in relating and listening to stories. These stories were handed down from generation to generation orally, and later evolved into great children's literature. Stories that existed orally were absorbed into the Jataka Tales. They were originally in Pali verse, but later elaborated as Jotaka Atthakatha and translated into Sinhala. All these tales were well known in India, but after being translated to Sinhala, became stories of Sri Lankan Buddhists. No other book has influenced Buddhists in Sri Lanka as much as the Jataka Tales. People gathered in hundreds at the temples to listen to the Jataka Tales. These tales depict the life of a Bodhisatva. Therefore, all virtues that should embody a noble character, such as energy, firmness, wisdom, loving-kindness, generosity, and honesty, are give prominence in these stories. These tales not only increase the wisdom of the reader or listener, but also help to discipline and inspire him. In Sri Lanka, many Jataka Tales have been dramatized and illustrated as wall-paintings in temples.
In Delightful Tales, many Jataka Tales are simplified so that children of all ages can read, listen to, and understand them. From five hundred and forty-seven tales, I have chosen twenty-one stories that I believe will trigger the imagination and interest of a child. They deal with animals, human beings, and sometimes even supernatural beings. The animals are very human in their approach to life. Every tale carries an underlying message, though it may not be emphasized. I hope every reader, whether young or old, will enjoy reading these stories as much I as I did writing them.

Precious Tales I and II

Precious Tales I and II are about the Buddha's mission of compassion in this world and the way he dealt with the problems of all beings.

These stories are illustrated and written in simple language so that children will be able to read and understand them.